About Us

Welcome to Wings Over Wichita! Our online store offers a list of exclusive aviation products that are the most important for each pilot. The products included into our list are of high quality and adhere to the highest industry standards. We realize well that aviation equipment should be of the top notch quality to ensure maximum safety and the best flying experience ever.
Here, at Wings Over Wichita, we see our mission in providing an exhaustive selection of the most needed aviation products, the quality of which is beyond any doubts. Our online store was opened in 2003 and has become popular with the pilots and other aviation experts from the United States. We offer competitive prices, quality, safety, convenient shopping process and on-time delivery to any US state. We are proud to state that our aviation products are among the best in the market and this is what makes Wings Over Wichita stand out from the crowd. We are sure that superior servicing, wide range of quality products, customer satisfaction and affordable prices are the key points that matter most, when it comes to shopping for aviation products.
If you are looking for all the benefits mentioned above and need safe pilot supplies to get the most out of your flights, then we are waiting for you here, at Wings Over Wichita any time of the day!

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